How to Drink Green Tea for Losing Weight

Drinking tea is revitalizing, calming, and soothing, so a direct relationship between tea consumption and improved health just adds new benefits to this amazing habit. The new studies on tea are helping to identify the specific actions that tea has on our bodies.  It is evident that drinking tea truly does help you to live a longer and better life.

There are numerous varieties available of tea but green tea has become the favorite of everyone. It contains flavonoids and caffeine which helps in elevating metabolic rate, recovering activity of insulin and increasing fat oxidation. Along with daily exercise, green tea can help you out in quickly loosing your weight.

How to Drink Green Tea

Here are some tips you can follow to reduce your weight using green tea:.

Drink it in Moderation and on Precise Time

According to Chinese traditional medics, it is treated as lightly oxidized tea and comes under cooling beverages. They advise to take green tea mostly in summers and go easy in winters. Some studies show that green tea should not be taken empty stomach as it can have antagonistic effects on liver. Its consumption should be ideally limited to two or three cups a day. Best time to take green tea is between the meals. To get the best out of your nutrients intake, you can have it 2 hours before meals or after meals. It is advised to take green tea 2 hours before you go to sleep otherwise, you have to make frequent trips to the washroom.

Choosing the Superlative one for Shedding Pounds

Among the different types of the green teas available, one needs to choose the best which helps in weight loss meticulously. You need to consider few things to find the best slimming tea for you. The compounds which are responsible for burning fat includes caffeine and EGCG aids the process by enhancing the effects of some fat burning hormones. This also helps in increasing metabolism and helps in burning calories. Even though all the varieties of green tea are healthy, still Matcha green tea is considered as the powerful form. Due to its different preparation strategy, you end up consuming the whole leaf due to its powdered state and whole leaves contain more antioxidants and caffeine than other tea bag products, which makes it more beneficial than the regular green tea.

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Brewing is also a Vital Aspect

Some specifications need to be taken care of while preparing or brewing of green tea in order to lose weight. Direct boiling green tea in water can be bad for antioxidants present in the leaves. It helps in burning extra calories out of you. So it’s better to boil water, cool it down for some time and then sprinkle water on green tea in the cup. If you want to make a strong taste tea, you can brew it for a little extra time.

Additional Ingredients May Compromise Quality of Tea

Supplementary ingredients such as sugar and milk can decrease the effectiveness of the tea. Natural green tea without no added preservatives and artificial sweeteners or added sugar are the best one for weight loss.

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6 thoughts on “How to Drink Green Tea for Losing Weight

  1. A few years ago, i drank at least a cup of green tea a day. Along with a healthy diet, and a little excercise..i lost 20 pounds.Green tea is great!

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