History of Tea in China

Tea- almost every person on this earth is aware of this word and listens in their day to day life. Despite any season, this aromatic beverage can be served iced or hot, according to one’s choice and taste.

As the time goes on, researchers have found that it is a magical drink with its numerous health benefits that go beyond refreshment. This is world’s second most consumed beverage after water which is a tangy way for getting enough fluid into our body every day.

But have we ever wondered who gave the idea of preparing tea and from when and where the concept of tea has originated.

When we try to study the things from the ancient times, we find there are always some fictions associated with the facts. Let’s go through some of these and find out the history of the origination of the tea.

History of Tea in China


Birth of tea by Emperor Shen Nung

Researchers have shown that tea was basically originated in China and plays a vital role in the life of Chinese people. It is thought to be 5000 years old and was discovered in 2737 BC.

The discovery of tea can be called an accidental invention. As per legends, Emperor Shen Nung discovered the fragrance of the leaves of plant Camellia sensisa , when the leave fell into the boiling water on the way to another region.

He was of the view that the drinking water should be boiled to prevent any kind of disease and used to take it as hygienic precaution. This is when the leave was boiled in the drinking water.

The pleasant smell of the tea leaves attracted the emperor to drink it and thus he discovered the fresh tea. So, it was all fortuitously when this ultimate beverage came into existence.

The name “cha’a” was given by the emperor to this drink which means to check or investigate when written in Chinese.

There were different periods in which tea was developed on every stage.

 History of Tea in India

Used as medicinal beverage during Sui and Tang Dynasties

During Sui dynasty, tea was evolved as a beverage used for the medical treatments and considered to be a medicine from a medicinal plant. It was in Sui Dynasty that the popularity of the tea blew out and it helped to be a trading product to the Mongolian country.

After that in the time period of Tang dynasty (618-907 AD) tea was developed extensively fast. It was included in the daily routine of the people as a popular drinking beverage.

As per the records of early books of tang dynasty that plantation of the tea plant became faster and it became the peak time for the development of the tea culture. It became an essential part of the people’s life. Different types of tea were also recorded in these books.

Usually, tea was used in the form of bricks during tang dynasty and was put into the kettles of boiling water for some time to get a hot and warm drink.

Different species of tea came into existence during Song Dynasty

A vital period for the growth of tea was Song Dynasty. (690 – 1279 AD) during which a variety of tea came into existence. Researchers had been started on the different quality of tea leaves, brewing procedures, and other factors.

Competitions were also held to judge the best quality tea by the tea connoisseurs. The popularity of tea increased and was well promoted by books, poems, and paintings. Thus, the trade options were increased and China was benefited a lot from the tea taxes which were started from tang dynasty.

Formation of tea culture was started in Song dynasty and the social tea houses were increasing rapidly. New techniques and methods were incorporated which led to the discovery of new varieties of tea.

History of Tea in Assam

Tea became favorite of every house in modern era

With the flying time, tea was becoming the favorite of every person irrespective of their class and level.

Different varieties were found like green tea, black tea, oolong tea, herbs tea etc. Numerous of drinking and preparing styles were introduced.

Teapots of distinguished varieties came into existence and thus a new trade also came up, which was essentially required for the preparation of the tea.

Other trades associated with tea were carried on and thus, became beneficial for the Chinese government. The business of tea started flourishing and expanded through different countries of Africa, Asia and Europe including Britain and Dutch.

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