8 Green Tea Myths that Needs to Be Disappeared

Just think of a situation and imagine a view of early sunrise. Along with the newspaper in hand, sipping a cup of healthy green tea and enjoying the sunrise. This all is what a health-conscious person would like to have in his/her daily routine.

Early sun rays provide vitamin D to the body, the newspaper provides knowledge to the brain and a cup of warm green tea is full of health benefits for both body and the brain.

Although green tea comes up with a fullness of nutrients and antioxidants which in turn is good for physical and mental well-being, still it’s expected that a few myths and misconceptions would pop up.

Green Tea Myth

Here are some of them, but these need to be disappeared so that the facts can overcome these myths.


Myth 1. Green Tea is Fermented Tea                              

Fermentation is a significant step in the production of the tea, which differentiate between all type of teas. Classification of tea is done on the basis of degree of fermentation it has gone through.

Fermentation is the process wherein tea is allowed to experience enzymatic corrosion by letting the freshly selected tea leaves to dry. This enzymatic oxidation procedure may be stopped by either pan frying or steaming the leaves before they are completely dried out.

While production of the green tea, freshly harvested leaves of green tea are steamed to prevent fermentation.

Thus, being less exposed to air, chlorophyll does not break down and the leaves get unfermented and retain quite a bit of their original flavor.

Generally, green tea is least fermented tea, and then oolong tea is partially fermented and black tea is fully fermented tea.

Myth 2. Drinking Green Tea has Little or no Health Benefits

According to many studies and actual facts, drinking green tea has many health benefits for hair, skin and our well-being.

Green tea is considered to have lower cholesterol and protect the nervous syste while helping to fight bacteria and arthritis.

Many studies have shown that its exclusive assets can also lower the risk of evolving many diseases, including diabetes and heart disease.

Green tea comes along with the numerous health benefits and is actually safe for healthy people to drink. Those who are suffering from any illness or are on any medication should consult the physician before including in regular diet.

Also, drinking green tea in adequate amounts is recommended, because large doses can cause side effects and other health related problems.

Myth 3. Drinking Green Tea Alone will Make you Lose Weight.

People think that only consuming green tea is sufficient for shredding your weight. Unfortunately, it has been hyped up as a magic weight loss solution.

Green tea helps in speeding up the metabolism but can be effective 3with the regular exercise and other diet supplements as well.

The health benefits of green tea assist in stimulating the digestive system, giving your body more antioxidants, and also increase fat burning process.

The effectiveness of green tea in losing weight basically depends on the time of drinking tea and also on the way of brewing it.

Weight loss depends largely on calories intake and burning out of calories simultaneously.

You could be drinking all the green tea that your heart wanted, but if you are at or above your calorie upkeep level every day, you will not find out any change in weight loss.


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Myth 4. Green Tea is Caffeine Free

Caffeine content is naturally available in all the teas processed from camellia sensia plant. Thus, green tea can never be caffeine free, although can be lowered down by various decaffeinated processes.

Green tea has the lowest caffeine content than any other forms of tea which are available and as well as much lower than coffee also.

Caffeine intake can be reduced by replacing your coffee cup with warm and healthy green tea to about 70%.

In fact, brewing style of green tea also changes its caffeine content and increases with the longer brewing period.

So, drinking green tea with a thought of caffeine free beverage, then you are really big mistakes. Because green tea does contain caffeine but not as much as other hot drinks like coffee and other tea variations.

.Myth 5. Green Tea has a Stronger Flavor and Better Health Benefits when Stored Longer.

Health benefits of green tea certainly depend on the time period of its storage and also brewing method.

Green tea consists of various phytochemical compounds that contribute to the flavor and other health benefits. These benefits decrease with increase in the shelf time from the time period of harvesting.

Also, studies have shown that levels of catechin decrease with the increased time span from the production of the tea.

So, it’s always best to have the fresh green tea to gain the maximum potential benefits out of it.

Myth 6.Green Tea can be Naturally Decaffeinated

Caffeine is a natural compound found in green tea. For those who are caffeine sensitive individuals, consuming decaffeinated tea may seem a superlative way to relish green tea health benefits without the side effects of caffeine.

There are a lot many processes to decaffeinate to lower down the caffeine content of the green tea, but it cannot be zero caffeine.

In fact, naturally decaffeination process lowers the caffeine content by using natural compound ethyl acetate and does not make it totally decaffeinated.

This process also removes most of the tea nutrients and chemical solvent residue poses a health hazard. Thus, the process can not be 100% natural and tea leaves contain ethyl acetate. Higher doses of ethyl acetate can create a problem for the liver.

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Myth 7. Can only be Consumed as Hot Tea

The traditional way of brewing and consuming green tea is the best way to have all the benefits through antioxidants and flavonoids.

However, with the increased trends and new recipes evolution, green tea can be consumed in hot or cold drinks or can be added to foods and desserts as taste elements.

But as per the discussions have done earlier, green tea is loaded with antioxidants and longer steep period releases more antioxidants. Whether being hot or cold, green tea provides same health benefits.

There can be just a minor difference related to its caffeine content, that is hot green tea retains more caffeine than the cold one.

So, it should be taken out of mind that, green tea can only be consumed as hot lunch tea.

Myth 8. Green Tea has no Side Effects

We have discussed numerous health benefits of consuming green tea in our routine life.

It is extremely beneficial for our healthy well-being, but that doesn’t mean that there are not any side effects. As it is an old saying that “excess of everything is bad “can also be found true in the case of green tea.

Excessive consumption of green tea can also lead to adverse effects on our health and body such as abdominal problems, can reduce absorption of iron and liver related issues.

Also, those who are suffering from some chronic illness and are on any type of medication could also face some side effects.

Thus, it is recommended to check out the adequate quantity to be consumed on daily basis and along with the consultation of the physician.


Hope, now it would be clearer to get over some of the major misbeliefs about health benefits and related queries of green tea. So, we just need to get out of all the delusions and pursue towards this unique and healthy drink. Any why not, as we all like to have it with its distinct taste, aroma and health benefits.

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